Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Your Blogging Host for the Nano Superdrive: White Route!

Hi All!!

I am your official blogger for the Tata Nano Superdrive’s White Route. My Name is Sankara Subramanian C and I am a Travel Blogger, Writer and Photographer from Bangalore. I love travelling and share my travel experiences through my travel blog “BE ON THE ROAD” (www.beontheroad.com).

I am extremely thrilled to be a part of this Nano Superdrive Road Trip and can’t just wait to get cosy inside the Tata Nano.

As your blogging host, I will bring to you interesting titbits about the car and the road trip, journey diaries and loads of photos and videos from the road trip.

If you like what I write, keep coming back. If you love this blog, send a word of appreciation by sharing it with your social media.

For more, stay tuned…

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