Monday, June 7, 2010

Nano gets stranded in the middle of a railway crossing!

We were enroute to Nagpur when we encountered a huge line of traffic. Slowly, but steadily we inched forward. No one knew the cause and so didn’t we until we arrived at a railway crossing. Both sides of the railway crossing had more than 10 kilometres of traffic lined up.

It was bumper to bumper traffic and inching very slowly. When the traffic finally stopped, we found ourselves in the middle of the railway crossing and soon we saw that the railway crossing gates were being closed as trains were headed straight at us.

As I turned right, I saw one train coming straight at us. Then I turned left and was stunned when I saw another train coming at us. We were totally sandwiched. A jeep was also caught on the railway lines along with us.

Quickly, I gathered my senses and rushed to the railway crossing official and asked him to open the crossing gates for a brief moment so that we could go to the other side. This was done and we moved into safety zone quickly. Within 30 seconds, the trains passed us and the day was saved. Phew! What a close shave!


  1. This sounds absolutely crazy and scary! Good that you had the presence of mind to avert a disaster...phew. Have a safe trip guys

  2. Hmm, and you've clicked perfect snaps to capture the moments.

    Drive safe