Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nano Superdrive reaches Vishakhapatnam

After spending a couple of days in the “Land of the Kalingas”, the Nano Superdrive has reached Vishakhapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The drive from Bhubaneshwar to Vishakhapatnam was a breeze on the golden quadrilateral roads except for some minor traffic hiccups in Orissa.

Highlights of the drive today:
Driving parallel to Chilika Lake in Orissa for more than 20 kilometres. (Chilika Lake is the largest salt water lake in India).

Our first rains during this road trip. We have been on the road for the last 18 days.

Splendid views of delightfully green and mist covered Eastern Ghats on both sides of the NH 5 highway as we approached Vishakhapatnam.

Stats for the day:
Odometer reading crossed 4,000 kms today.

Arrived at our 9th state on this road trip.

Watch out for the Superdrive Nanos if you happen to be at Vizag tomorrow!

Schedule for June 21, 2010 (Monday):
11 am: Submarine Museum
12 noon: Kailash Green Park
1 pm: Kalimata Temple

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