Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beautiful paint job on the Tata Nano depicting the three different Superdrive routes

The Nano Superdrive road trip had definitely piqued my interest, but I did not imagine that it was going to be this good.

IMG_0823 - 800
As soon as I reached the Tata dealer showroom at Ahmedabad earlier this evening, I immersed myself in admiring the Nanos that were lined up in front of me.

IMG_0812 - 800
The Nano Superdrive entourage for the green route was supposed to be flagged off in a short while. I had just enough time to go take a close look at the line of Nano cars in front of me.

IMG_0814 - 800
And boy, were they gorgeous! Each nano car had gotten itself a pretty paint shop depicting the route they were going to traverse the coming 26 days. After ogling at them for a while, I decided it was fair that I capture them in my lens and thus allow the world to ogle at them!

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