Monday, June 7, 2010

Pit Stop at Bheem Betika, a proposed World Heritage Site!!

We were approximately 60 kilometres out of Bhopal, when Saurav, the Customer Service Manager, Tata Motors Madhya Pradesh took an impromptu decision to take a detour towards Bheem Betika, a proposed World Heritage Site. And what a brilliant decision it turned out to be…

This place is one of Madhya Pradesh’s famous tourist attractions as it contains really old, but simple paintings in the confines of sandstone caves. These paintings depict life thousands of years back in the form of horse-fighting techniques, basic art, hunting techniques, etc.

Set amidst some hillocks, these sandstone rocks and caves stand tall amidst the rest of the plains. At some points from these caves, one can get a panoramic view of the Bhopal region.

Overall, the best pit stop the White Route Nano Superdrive troop have had so far!

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  1. No close up pics of the heritage site? Of painting and all?