Friday, June 4, 2010

The Superdrive Nanos on the White Route tame the ghats of Madhya Pradesh!

How comfortable is the Nano climbing hills and ghats? This is another question to which I found my answer today.

The Nano handles brilliantly on the ghat roads. These drop-dead beauties are extremely rugged and at the same time offer the driver finesse while taking steep turns.

We had a 20 kilometre ghat stretch in Madhya Pradesh that we had to cross enroute to Indore and I should say that our Nano bandwagon simply tamed these winding roads.

Even the pick up and pulling power at steep ascents is admirable.

One doesn’t feel any sway inside the vehicle too. And the low turning radius makes things so much simpler and easier for the driver making the Nano a pleasure to drive vehicle!

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  1. I drove my NANO in steep hair pin bend from Masinagudi to Ooty(38 Hair pin bends) total distiance of 29km.Nano's performance was amazing. Thank you NANO.

    Its speed on highway was extremenly good.No vibration, jerks even at 105kmph speed(which is the max though speedometer shows 120). With AC the cut off speed is 85kmph

    I love my NANO.