Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunset Pit Stop at Mahanadi River Bridge, Orissa!!

Earlier this evening and right during sunset, the Superdrive team on the White Route took a pit stop on the Mahanadi River Bridge in Orissa.

The Mahanadi river is the largest river in Orissa and is considered quite a sight in the monsoons. The bridge over this river is also the largest in Orissa and provide some panoramic sights of the river and its associated horizon.

Here are some photos taken during our sunset pit stop session!

IMG_2122-800 Pinky over the dry Mahanadi river

IMG_2124-800 On the Mahanadi River Bridge

IMG_2127-800 Lined up on the extremely long Mahanadi River Bridge

IMG_2136-800 Sunset View from the Nano’s Eyes!!

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