Monday, June 7, 2010

Chief Election Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh flags off Nano Superdrive from Mechmen Motors, Bhopal!

Mechmen Motors situated on the NH 12 highway, just outside of Bhopal has a fairly large Tata dealership. This was the location of our flag off from Bhopal and towards Nagpur.

The chief guest for this event was Mr. AV Singh, Chief Election Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh. A lot of local media and press photographers were also present to cover the event in detail.

Once the chief guest had arrived and prior to the actual flag off ceremony, there were speeches given by the Chief Election Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh, the Tata Motors Territory Manager of Bhopal and the Dealership owner.

Once the flag was waved by the chief guest, the Superdrive Nanos made their way down the long ramp. It was a great sight to see the Nanos one behind the other making their way out. Post this, the press team from the regional and national dailies soaked in the comforts of the Nano for a brief while before returning back into town.

Nagpur, here we come!!

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